Youth and Family Partnerships Workgroup: Chair and Members

Youth and Family Workgroup Chairs:

The Youth and Family Workgroup is comprised of the Family Advisory Network (FAN) and the Youth Advisory Group (YAG). 

Family Advisory Network (FAN) Youth Advisory Group (YAG)
  • Beth Caldwell
  • Anne Kuppinger
  • Bette Levy
  • Lauren Polvere
  • Rosa Warder


  • Marvin Alexander
  • Zaak Anderson
  • Tim Arbia
  • Megan Gaines
  • Stephanie Morrill
  • Raquel Montes
  • Chris Noroski
  • Martin Rafferty
  • Amanda Smith
  • Korrine Tomisman
  • Julissa Torres
  • Antonio Wilson
  • Hayley Wittenberg