Building Bridges...

Advancing partnerships among residential and community-based service providers, youth and families to improve lives.

Welcome to the Building Bridges Initiative.

Building Bridges is a national initiative working to identify and promote practice and policy that will create strong and closely coordinated partnerships and collaborations between families, youth, community - and residentially - based treatment and service providers, advocates and policy makers to ensure that comprehensive mental health services and supports are available to improve the lives of young people and their families.

In all that we do, we strive to advance partnerships among residential and community-based service providers, youth, and families to improve lives.

To read more about the Building Bridges Initiative, read the BBI Overview Document.  


The Building Bridges Initiative is pleased to share the following documents: 

NEW! Successfully Engaging Families Formed by Adoption: Strategies for Residential Leaders - A Building Bridges Informational Document

Implementing Effective Short-Term Residential Interventions - A Building Bridges Initiative Guide



The Building Bridges Initiative is also pleased to share the newly released:

BBI Post-Residential Outcomes Pilot Survey  

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Post-Residential Outcomes Pilot Survey is intended for use by staff at residential treatment provider agencies in telephone interviews with the caregivers of previously discharged youth.  The tool was developed collaboratively to incorporate key outcome domains, and then piloted with multiple agencies for use six months after discharge. Based on the pilot, the tool was refined to provide an efficient, effective strategy to collect data on post-discharge functioning of youth served by residential interventions. 

Please note that while the survey does reflect a child's functional status at the time of the interview, it does not reflect to what degree that status is attributable to the residential intervention.  It is simply a tool to guide future quality improvement and research efforts.  The BBI Outcomes Workgroup is working on developing a robust long term research strategy that will hopefully yield longitudinal data regarding change over time.  In the meantime important information for quality improvement purposes can be gleaned from administration of the survey and review of the data.  

For more information about the Survey, please contact Jason Brennen at

This tool will assist in determining positive sustained outcomes of children and youth post discharge from residential intervention and help inform the implementation of best practices.  Please let us know if you use the survey, and provide us with feedback about ways we can improve the tool and appropriately use the data!

BBI Post-Residential Outcomes Pilot Survey